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Our School

St John XXIII Primary School Thomastown East

St. John XXIII is a Catholic Primary school located in the northern suburbs of Melbourne providing a vibrant and comprehensive learning environment for children from Year Prep to Six. St. John XXIII Primary School was established in 1974 as a second school in the Parish of St Luke's Lalor. The school maintains a strong and valuable connection to the Parish guided by the mission of the Scalabrinian Fathers.


St. John XXIII Primary School is situated on approximately 2 hectares of landscaped property in Thomastown East and boasts safe, extensive and contemporary learning spaces. The school consists of twelve spacious classrooms equipped with Interactive Whiteboards and multiple computers with intranet and internet access; a modern Library / Discovery Centre, a refurbished Visual Art room, administration and amenity facilities, Adventure Playgrounds, Basketball / Netball Courts and an expansive oval. Recent building developments have seen the construction of a multi-function Sports & Assembly Hall and new fences and gates surrounding the property.

Amazing Learning Spaces to Learn & Play

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Our Vision

St. John XXIII Primary school is a diverse, welcoming, child centred community where:

  • All learners are encouraged to take authentic action in the wider community, following Jesus as our inspiration.

  • Jesus’ teachings allow us to develop harmonious relationships and opportunities to grow in faith.

  • Learning Dispositions are continually being developed and applied to support our students in becoming effective learners.

  • Learners are empowered to embrace all opportunities to deepen their learning and experience success on their learning journey.

Meet the Team

Leadership & Administration Team


Frank Vetrone



Emma Canning

Deputy Principal, Learning & Teaching Leader


Fiona Maelasi

Deputy Principal, Wellbeing Leader


Adelina Colangelo



Suzie Dinneen


Sel Subjects-2022.jpeg

Carmel Moleta

Education Support Staff & Administration


Hannah Marino

Mathematics Leader, Maths Intervention

Sel Subjects-2022 (1).jpeg

Rose Caruso

Literacy Leader


Marita Canning

Digital Technology ICON Leader


Teresa Bonola

Religious Education Leader & Classroom Teacher

Prep Team


Katharine Librio

Prep Teacher

StJohnXXIII Logo.png

Efstathia Lazari

Prep Teacher


Madalene Brown

Year 3/4 Teacher

Grade 1/2


Tiffany Tran

Year 1/2 Teacher

StJohnXXIII Logo.png

Demi Popovski

Year 1/2 Teacher

Sel Subjects-2022.jpeg

Aveleen Gomes

Year 1/2 Teacher

Screen Shot 2023-02-20 at 10.40.06 pm.png

Ashlea Deayton

Year 1/2 Teacher

Grade 3/4


Helen Desmond

Year 3/4 Teacher


Nicola Tsiambazis

Year 3/4 Teacher


Kahli Wilson

Year 3/4 Teacher


Teresa Bonola

Year 3/4 Teacher

Grade 5/6


Emily Rizzardo

Year 5/6 Teacher

StJohnXXIII Logo.png

Alannah Smith

Year 5/6 Teacher


Paul Dinneen

Year 5/6 Teacher

StJohnXXIII Logo.png

Liz Lowe

Year 5/6 Teacher

Intervention & Tutoring 


Stephanie Mascaro

Literacy Intervention


Hannah Marino

Mathematics Leader, Maths Intervention



Angela De Thomasis

LOTE Italian Teacher


Lina Starsunn

Visual Arts Teacher


Giuseppe Mortellaro

Physical Education Teacher


Marita Canning

Digital Technology Leader & Teacher

Education Support Staff


Viktoria Gorgievski

Education Support Staff


Nada Hammoud

Education Support Staff

Sel Subjects-2022 (2).jpeg

Olivia Luvara

Education Support Staff

Sel Subjects-2022.jpeg

Carmel Moleta

Education Support Staff


Kerry Meilak

Education Support Staff


Jacqueline Dear

Education Support Staff

StJohnXXIII Logo.png

Glynise Muir

Education Support Staff

StJohnXXIII Logo.png

School Tour Dates


Fire Carrier

My invitation to everyone is that in your everyday power, in your work place with your regular authority, with your everyday resources, turn your mind occasionally to what you can do, for the benefit of all Aboriginal people.

-Prof Michael McDaniel, Wiradjuri Man


“FIRE Carriers,” an acronym for “Friends Igniting Reconciliation through Education,” is an initiative through the Catholic Aboriginal Ministry of Victoria. Through this program, the FIRE Carriers from St John XXIII Primary School  are commissioned to raise awareness of reconciliation and to promote peace and justice for all, along with learning about and appreciating the rich culture of the Aboriginal peoples.


The FIRE Carrier Program also supports Aboriginal families who are making a choice for a Catholic education for their children through their Opening the Doors Foundation. FIRE Carrier leaders are required to develop a Reconciliation Covenant (a Reconciliation Action Plan) and are committed to promoting Reconciliation within and outside their school. 


Our Year Five students lead our FIRE carrier initiative at St. John XXIII. Students write a letter of application and are commissioned during an official ceremony.


The role of FIRE carriers at St John XXIII:


  • To keep the Reconciliation flame alight in our St. John XXIII community.

  • To educate students, teachers and families about Reconciliation.

  • To spread the message of our shared history and culture.

  • To take action for practical recognition and justice. 

Scalabrini Tradition

unnamed (1).jpg

The parish of St Lukes belongs to the congregation of the Missionaries of St. Charles – Scalabrinians – is an international community of religious serving migrants and refugees of different cultures, religions and ethnicities in 32 countries and on five continents. 


The Congregation was founded on November 28, 1887, by Blessed John Baptist Scalabrini (1839-1905), bishop of Piacenza (Italy). It was the period of massive emigration from Italy and Europe toward the Americas.


It was a far-reaching phenomenon whose importance Bishop Scalabrini was able to grasp in both its social and religious dimensions.


Th Scalbrinian missionary focus for the last twenty-five years has been to be migrants with the migrants and to be in mission with people on the move along with a special priority for the poorest migrants. What has become very obvious is that as we have taken more missionary risks and made an effort to clarify our Charism we have been blessed with more and more vocations. The blessing is doubled by the fact that we are currently receiving the vocations that match our present needs.


John Baptist Scalabrini lived the drama of the exodus of migrants who, during the last decades of the nineteenth century, travelled in great numbers from Europe to the countries in the New World. He clearly saw the need for the specific pastoral care of migrants through a suitable network of spiritual assistance. In this perspective, and giving proof of keen spiritual insight and a concrete practical sense, he founded the Congregation of the Missionary Priests and the Missionary Sisters of Saint Charles. He strongly supported the need for legislative and institutional instruments for the human and juridical protection of migrants against all forms of exploitation.


Today, in different situations, the spiritual sons and daughters of Msgr. Scalabrini, who were later joined by the "Secular Institute of the Scalabrinian Missionary Women", continue to give witness to Christ's love for migrants and to offer them the Gospel. In 1998, John Paul II declared him Blessed and defined him as the "Father of Migrants".

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Lunch Order

Students are able to order lunch orders using the My School Connect app. Lunches are freshly prepared by local business 'Lunch Mums' and delivered to the school.


School Fees


Our uniform shop is located within the school hall and is run by the school

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